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A happy, healthy workforce is a more productive workforce, your success depends on you and your employees or members, that’s why it’s important to look after their health and yours. We are pleased to offer businesses and other organisations in Guernsey, Private Health Insurance.

Private Health Insurance is highly valued by your employees and it’s a great benefit to offer, giving you and your workforce peace of mind. Business Health Insurance helps you attract and retain staff so that your business can grow.

We offer a variety of different options to suit your business needs and budgets. Plus, we’re flexible meaning you can select the hospitals you’ll have access to, as well as underwriting options and other optional extras.

As well as providing health insurance for businesses, we also have a HealthcareConnect scheme, designed for your employees or members to access our high-quality service and cover options but at a discounted rate but at no extra cost to your company. Want to learn more? Visit our website -


Personal Health Insurance

Personal Health Insurance

Sports Health Insurance

Sports Health Insurance

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