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At General & Medical Healthcare, we specialise in offering top-quality Private Health Insurance across the UK and the Channel Islands. With over 35 years of experience, we pride ourselves on delivering first-class customer service, always adhering to our guiding principle:

People first...always.

General & Medical Insurance Ltd is honoured to call St Peter Port, Guernsey our home. We're dedicated to providing exceptional insurance services to our community, right from the heart of this beautiful locale. Discover why thousands trust us to protect their health and well-being. More about our story.

Tailored Insurance plans for your Corporate Business in the Channel Islands

We provide specialized insurance coverage for companies in the Channel Islands. Compare our plans with our 'Benefits At A Glance'.
We understand that the islands' healthcare systems operate independently from the UK's National Health Service (NHS), yet benefit from certain cooperative agreements. Our insurance plans are meticulously designed to navigate these unique circumstances, offering your company the highest level of service and protection.
Our commitment is to deliver the best possible coverage, perfectly tailored to the distinctive healthcare environment of the Channel Islands.
Islands Module 1

Islands Module 1

The Islands Module 1 plan offers comprehensive coverage for the essentials, including inpatient and day-case benefits, cancer treatment, outpatient benefits, maternity care (defined conditions only) and mental health cover for counselling and therapy, all set to cover what is most important for your employees' health care needs.
Islands Module 2

Islands Module 2

Discover the Islands Module 2 plan, which provides extensive coverage for inpatient and day-case benefits, cancer treatment, hospice care, outpatient services, including mental health support for therapy and counselling. Additionally, it covers complications of pregnancy under defined conditions.
Islands Business Elite

Islands Business Elite

The Islands Business Elite plan offers comprehensive coverage, including inpatient and day care benefits, cancer treatment, outpatient services, mental health cover for counselling and therapy and exclusive benefits for the Channel Islands, maternity cash benefits, private maternity care, dental, optical, and audiology services.

Channel Island Plan Benefits

Some of the main medical benefits specific to our Channel Islands Healthcare plans are shown below, however when you take health insurance out with us you don’t just get a healthcare policy, we give you a huge range of additional benefits, from exclusive offers and discounts to Health and Wellbeing Support Services. Find out more in our Channel Islands Business Healthcare Brochure.

Channel Islands Business Plan Benefits

General Practitioner (GP) Services
Our schemes include benefit for when you need to visit your GP, including cover for consultations and prescription costs incurred when you see your GP in their surgery or where they are incurred at the Emergency Room, as well as and additional amount for minor surgery performed by your GP or at the Emergency Room.

Ambulance Transportation
We include in our cover costs of ambulance transportation within the Bailiwick of your residency, where this is medically necessary, to take you from your home to a hospital (or vice-versa), or to transport you between hospitals to another Bailiwick or the UK mainland.

Parental Accommodation
W​here you have a child included on your cover, who has to travel to another Bailiwick, or to the UK, for treatment covered under your policy we will cover the cost of a return journey, up to policy limits, for you (or a qualified nurse) to accompany your child where they have to stay overnight (or longer) as well as accommodation costs.​​  ​​​

Further Benefits With General & Medical Healthcare

Our Channel Islands Healthcare plans include a range of other useful benefits and services, to support the health of you and your family, or your business.

24 Hour GP Advice Line access, allowing you to speak to a doctor at a time to suit you

Health & Wellbeing Services - including access to the Wisdom App

An EAP included as standard for all Channel Islands Business Healthcare plans

Faster access to treatment at a wide range of hospitals across the UK

Choice of options and upgrades, allowing covers to be tailored to your unique needs

Exclusive Lifestyle Rewards discounts and benefits programme for a wide range of brands

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